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Speak Confidently During the Exam

Native-Like Fluency

Sound clear and intelligible for 26+

Speak Naturally and Clearly


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You will have access to a self-study course with live classes to focus on:

Accent Reduction

During group lessons, basic accent concepts will be taught to have a clear, intelligible and a neutral accent.


Students will have an opportunity to speak in every lesson and be guided to improve their fluency with many strategies.

Topic Development

There will be many specific activities to practice for how to find specific details, examples and organize a response.

Language Use

Students will be able to see their grammar mistakes on the transcribed and corrected responses. Better vocabulary choices will be shown.

Here is Your Study Plan


Week 1: New Task 1


· How to speak naturally with native-like phrases. TOEFL raters are tired of hearing those unnatural and memorized phrases that everybody learned from other tutors and YouTube videos> “The first reason is that….. The second reason is that….. 
· How to create high-quality responses that will impress TOEFL graders. The responses will be unique to you with your own phrases.
· Self-study tools to speak confidently and fluently.
· Learn your own weaknesses about what limits and maximizes your score in terms of Topic Development Language Use and Delivery.
· How to stop having common grammar mistakes.

Week 2: Task 2

· How to produce high scoring Task 2 responses which will change your score from” fair” to “good” consistently with confidence.
· Activities and protocols to impress the TOEFL graders in topic development, language use, and delivery.
· How to stop having common grammar mistakes.



Week 3: Task 3-4


· Note-taking strategies that don’t sabotage your ability to speak fluently with all the essential points.
· How to find the concept in the reading in task 4 quickly and easily.
· The grammar and phrases you need to describe the examples and ideas.
· How to create simple but effective academic responses by managing the time.

Week 4: Delivery

Focus: Strategies for clear speech.

·How you sound makes a big difference in your score. If you sound flat and mechanical, pause in the wrong places in a sentence, you will not get 26+ or you will be stuck at 24 for a long time even if you have excellent topic development and language use.
· Using voice stress to convey meaning is important. Native speakers communicate additional information through the rise and fall of pitch, and by stressing or emphasizing certain words in the sentence.
· To get 26+ in Speaking, you need to be aware of how we use intonation to express different emotions and attitudes through our voice. To improve your tone of voice, you need to become more sensitive to how stress and intonation work in English.


 At the end of 4 weeks, you will:
 · know the essentials and strategies for high-quality responses in 4 Speaking tasks.
·  be aware of your own weaknesses and strengths.
· have many self-study tools and a plan to continue studying on your own.
·  stop speaking like a robot with a flat voice with no emotion, using the same phrases from YouTube videos.
·  start performing at a level that is unique to you and impresses the raters.


     All the students will have their own personal pages on Microsoft OneNote. They will get detailed, written feedback on 4 responses at the end of the course.  So it is completely fine if you join only one session a week as long as the recordings are watched.

  • Improved grammar
  • Increased confidence
  • Time management tools
  • Comfort with topic development in each task
  • Confidence in summarizing and notetaking
  • The grammar and phrases you need to describe the examples and ideas.
  • Using templates to help with fluency
  • Have many self-study tools and a plan to continue studying on your own.


Score maximizing strategies for 4 speaking tasks 

Classes start on October 13th. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday for 4 weeks. It would be better if you joined 2 sessions but if you can’t, you can watch the recordings.

You will have access to:

  • the best speaking strategies that worked for hundreds of Sherlen’s students
  • a self-study Fluency course on Task 1 with 100 model responses, Vocabulary, and TOEFL-style sentences
  • self-study strategies and resources to get the scores fast
  • closed Facebook group page where you can ask questions
  • targeted Grammar you need for Speaking and Writing

You will have written feedback on 4 responses at the end of the course with recommendations about what you need to do to get 26. You will also get live feedback during the class.


6:00 PM- 7:00 PM PST

7:00 PM-8:00 PM CST

900 PM: 10:PM EST[


6:00 PM- 7:00 PM PST

7:00 PM-8:00 PM CST

9:00 PM: 10:00 PM EST

Small Classes

Classes are intentionally kept small. You can practice each task and get immediate feedback during the lessons.

Bring All of Your Questions

Bring questions to class to have them answered in real time by the instructor.

Focus on 4 Speaking Key Skills for 26+

Each class is structured so you get the best value and benefit for your time invested.

Recording and Notes

All recordings and notes will be available to you after the class is finished so you can use it to study and practice your skills.

Close Teacher Interaction

By learning from both your peers and through one-on-one attention with the instructor, you’ll gain valuable skills and fast-track your success.


Each student will have his/her Microsoft OneNote with access to many self-study resources.


You must be familiar with and have basic knowledge of the TOEFL IBT Exam.

Team Spirit

You must be open to error corrections during the Group Lessons. Each student will receive feedback on how they can improve and any mistakes made during the class will be corrected. Also, detailed feedback with shadowing recordings for 2 responses will be given each week.

Minimum Scores

You must have speaking scores of 20-24 to participate. Please contact Sherlen if you never took the exam before.


Your attendance and participation are critical to your success. To get the most out of your investment, please plan on attending all 4 group sessions.


All speaking responses must be recorded spontaneously and typed before class. All homework assignments are due two days before the class. If you don’t turn in your assignments and don’t complete your recordings (including having them typed), you won’t receive any feedback on time for that week’s class.