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Our Group Lessons Are Designed For Your Success

Professional and Personal Success is Within Your Reach


Stop doubting yourself because of past failures. Be fearless!

Speak Confidently During the Exam

Native-Like English

Sound like a native speaker.

Speak Naturally and Clearly


Unlock the door to your career potential.

Demonstrate Your True Worth

Here is Your Study Plan

Accent Reduction

During group lessons, basic accent concepts will be taught to have a clear, intelligible and a neutral accent.


Students will have an opportunity to speak in every lesson and be guided to improve their fluency with many strategies.

Topic Development

There will be many specific activities to practice for how to find specific details, examples and organize a response.

Language Use

Students will be able to see their grammar mistakes on the transcribed and corrected responses. Better vocabulary choices will be shown.

Change Your Approach and Get Results


Sherlen really works on the weaknesses that you currently have and creates a very effective plan to correct them. I had a lot of grammar mistakes and accent problems. Although I had 23 in speaking in my first TOEFL exam ,with repetition and studying hard, I ended up scoring 29 in speaking after 4 months. Sherlen has very unique strategies that help not only for English language proficiency but also for teaching the brain how to make connections for a fast progress. She will help you and give you feedback on your answers but you need to work with her to really benefit from her knowledge and her ways of teaching. It’s all about precision and doing your part of this equation. She really cares for all of her students and if you really suffered a lot from this stressful exam, it would be amazing to start working with Sherlen. I really appreciate the effort and the warm support that I had from Sherlen and Steve during this time when TOEFL exam results were very critical for my life. If I didn’t meet them when I first moved to the US, it would be hard for me to pass the exam in such a short time.

Faten, an Egyptian Pharmacist

I just wanted to share my experience of the group lessons with Sherlen. I didn’t attend group lessons with others, but she is really great! What I like about her is that she gives feedback to everyone in each lesson. There is a weekly plan for all of us to follow. It’s organized and useful as you can learn from your mistakes and from others’ mistakes as well.

The accent reduction also helps to correct your pronunciation and intonation for speaking clearly for 26.

December 2017


First of all I want to take my hat off to teacher “Sherlen” for her patience and effective guidance during my review. Here is my story…After trying several (around 6) TOEFL online review courses, I finally found ESA. The Nursing commission in the state of Washington requires me to have a TOEFL speaking score of 26, and I got it. It took only 1 test. I passed the test without any dificulty and I got a speaking score of 27. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to especially my teacher SHERLEN and of course to JAMIE MILLER in providing consistent support throughout the review.

M.I, an Egyptian pharmacist

Hi all…I want to share my experience with all of you. I just passed the Toefl exam with the required scores and got 28 in the speaking section ??. I was struggling in the speaking section for a year and a half and the exam was a nightmare for me. I was so disappointed and I lost my self-confidence. But last month I decided to join the group lessons with Sherlen Solen Tanner.  It was the best experience ever for me. I honestly found my self there. She was able to put me on the right track and she increased my self-confidence to a great extent. She taught me how to be relaxed and calm while answering the speaking section and I think that what I was missing in the exams that I had before. Being relaxed and confident in the speaking section increases your ability to concentrate and speak clearly. The most important thing in the group lessons is the idea of speaking in front of other people who will analyze your answer. This helped me a lot to overcome my fears of that section.  I am so thankful to her and I recommend her lessons for everyone who needs to pass the Toefl. Again thank you Sherlen Solen Tanner for your effort.

December 2017

Students who actively participate, study consistently, use all available resources and do the repetition and accent reduction exercises will begin to see the following results:

  • Improved pronunciation and a reduced accent
  • Clear and natural speech
  • Less fossilized mistakes
  • More fluency when speaking

  • Improved grammar
  • Increased confidence
  • Time management tools
  • Comfort with topic development in each task


Score maximizing strategies for 6 speaking tasks 

You will get feedback on 2 responses each week. Gain confidence, clarity, and achieve the English language learning skills you’ve always wanted and needed to get 26+ in speaking.

5:45 PM- 7:15 PM PST

7:15 PM-9:15 PM CST

8:45 PM -10:15 PM EST


5:45 PM- 7:15 PM PST

7:15 PM-9:15 PM CST

8:45 PM -10:15 PM EST

Small Classes

Classes are intentionally kept small. You can practice each task and get immediate feedback during the lessons.

Bring All of Your Questions

Bring questions to class to have them answered in real time by the instructor.

Focus on 6 Speaking Key Skills for 26+

Each class is structured so you get the best value and benefit for your time invested.

Recording and Notes

All recordings and notes will be available to you after the class is finished so you can use it to study and practice your skills.

Close Teacher Interaction

By learning from both your peers and through one-on-one attention with the instructor, you’ll gain valuable skills and fast-track your success.


Each student will have his/her Microsoft OneNote with access to many self-study resources.


You must be familiar with and have basic knowledge of the TOEFL IBT Exam.

Team Spirit

You must be open to error corrections during the Group Lessons. Each student will receive feedback on how they can improve and any mistakes made during the class will be corrected. Also, detailed feedback with shadowing recordings for 2 responses will be given each week.

Minimum Scores

You must have speaking scores of 20-24 to participate.


Your attendance and participation are critical to your success. To get the most out of your investment, please plan on attending all 4 group sessions.


All speaking responses must be recorded spontaneously and typed before class. All homework assignments are due two days before the class. If you don’t turn in your assignments and don’t complete your recordings (including having them typed), you won’t receive any feedback on time for that week’s class.