Hi, I’m Sherlen

And it breaks my heart to see you, the non-native English professional, not working at the level you deserve in the US only because of language barriers.

It is my job to find solutions for your English language needs.
I’m an English teacher with 15 years of experience and an exam coach who helps students get unstuck and finally learn the effective strategies to be successful in achieving high scores in TOEFL-IBT exam. I also specialize in teaching accent reduction to achieve natural sounding, clear English.

My Qualifications

  • Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a second language from Northern Illinois University.
  • Completed TOEFL exam training by English Success Academy and specialized as an exam coach.
  • Worked as an ESL Instructor at Elgin Community College (Chicagoland area), City Colleges of Chicago and University of North Carolina, English Language Training Institute.

  • Extensive experience teaching TOEFL at the English Success Academy.
  • Worked with many exam students from Brazil, Mexico, Japan, China, Iran, Vietnam, Turkey, Cuba and Russia. I have experience in understanding how each nation’s native language interferes with the English language.

My Classes

One day you will have total confidence and competence with the English language. You will be fearless while communicating in society, at the workplace or while taking an exam. You will communicate incredibly well even though you are a non-native speaker of English.

Hi, I’m Steve

I am here to help you, the healthcare and business professional, advance your English language skills at the workplace. I was born in and have worked in the US my entire life. I saw first-hand how non-native professionals struggled at the workplace.

My Qualifications

  • 15 years of healthcare industry experience in an operations and a clinical setting.
  • Roles that I have worked include Corporate Officer, General Manager, Director of Performance, Director of Customer Fulfillment, Clinical Manager, Branch Manager.
  • As communication is the number one component towards career success, I will help you find the words and thoughts to express yourself.

My Classes

Workplace English

My only focus is to help you, the non-native working professionals excel to native-like, or beyond native-like knowledge and skills to get the recognition, compensation and job satisfaction you deserve in the US. Hope to work with you soon.